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29 Jan

Developed By- Steelkrill StudioPublished By- Steelkrill Studio

Trenches has a very unique storyline infused with many jumpscares and unexpected twists, with a review of 9/10 on Steam and the price only being $9.99 you can’t beat it. You are playing the game through the eyes of a soldier who has awoken to find himself behind enemy lines and your main objective throughout the whole game is to survive and make it back to your family. I enjoyed the addition of original World War 1 style photographs and letters found throughout the game as well as the clues and objects you have to find in order to complete your objectives. The jumpscares and quietness definitely gives you a horror game feel and will have you questioning certain decisions you make in order to survive. While playing Trenches just remember that when you feel alone in the game you are truly never alone.

The graphics at least as far as I could tell on the PS5 are not very detailed with that being said they might look better on the PC as you can change your graphical settings. Trenches has Gore, rain, and fog as you would expect to have in a World War 1 style game as lifestyle in the trenches were not glamorous, with that being said the trenches themselves and the wood flooring along with some objects in my opinion were just not up to par detail wise in comparison to other survival horror games. Some of the gore features that I saw I would have liked to have seen some more detail as gore adds onto everything in the horror genre and can add onto a players current fear level.

Story Building-8
Trenches has a great storyline and I personally am a big fan of any wargame that revolves around World War 1 or World War 2 era. I must say that I have never played a survival horror game set during World War 1 so it gave me a different type of experience than what i'm used to playing. The story is pretty short but along the way you will have your fair share of jumpscares, ominous moments, and questionable decisions as your character(James R Johnson) has a whistle and you may use it to your advantage but you will see clear signs that also show it can be a disadvantage, quietness is your best friend in this game. Trenches does not get more detailed than you are simply trying to find your way back home by getting out of the trenches but you are having visions and flashbacks that are summed up to be hallucinations which causes the horror side of the game to come out.

Trenches is a very quick finishing survival horror game but for the price if you have essentially $9.99 laying around it is worth checking out. I was a little disappointed with how fast it took to complete the game but in all honesty it was still a fun game and great for passing the time along. I enjoyed the original photographs and sound that was included in the game, I think it gave it more of a realistic feeling that can make players get more involved in the game. Trenches has some work that can be done. I would like to see a graphical update and a longer story line if possible but other than that I had an enjoyable time playing the Trench.

Writer/Reviewer - Steam name- Ember_Destiny

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