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17 Mar

This new Star Wars game does it different. There are plenty of videos comparing this game to Dark Souls and other Souls type games. While they aren't wrong this one is a different breed. Much more forgiving while still being hard to an extent. The story is front and foremost here, lots of little Easter Eggs and nods to the films. The game starts off tame, allowing you to learn at a slower pace. Over the course of the game you will unlock new skills and abilities while gaining new allies and expanding the scope of what your character Cal Kestis can do.

The Graphics: The game runs at a smooth 60FPS for me at 1920x1080 with a 970GTX, there are some pop-in issues as well as some texture flicker with underwater areas. Textures look great and the detail on the different light sabers are crisp, however I noticed a fuck ton of clipping. The saber clips, the changeable ponchos clip, the interactions with boxes clip, the robot (Which is cute) clips. So if you can get past little things like that, the rest of visuals look great and bring the vast worlds to life.

The Sounds: This is the silver lining of the game, I liked the story, I liked the graphics, I loved the sounds. The sound of the light saber turning on as the color you selected glows off dark walls, its just impressive. The incoming blaster sounds and the sounds of the different troopers melee weapons are just a joy to listen too. I found myself turning on the saber over and over, the games wildlife sounds great. The dialog and characters are well acted even if its weird to hear English coming from aliens, I do wish there were more alien languages with possible captions to be more movie like. Overall the sound was great.

Overall: Between the well written story and the the impressive sound designed, this game offers a unique Star Wars experience. Allowing you to equip several abilities like force pull, push and slow as well as different cosmetics like light sabers and outer wear. The game also offers a degree of replay-ability and while not the most in depth you can revisit locations using new skills unlocked later in the game. This allows you to explore new areas previously not reachable, this along with the strict player save system will have you approaching each encounter cautiously and with a degree of respect to the many boss battles in the game. There are plenty of things to collect allowing you to build a Star Wars encyclopedia as well as a few book/movie tie ins here and there. Some of the best parts of this game are listening to it tell its own story while sprinkling little hints and references to the things you know and love. There is even a visit from everyone favorite Sith Lord. 

To close out here at Nationfusion Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order earns a respectable 8.5/10. It is far and above what I expected and really just a few polishing steps away form at 10. Be sure to check out the video review over on our Youtube Channel which will be up in a few days. Link will be add below once its uploaded. 

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