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12 Dec

Those of you looking to give or receive games this year, pay attention. We will be breaking down and recommending some great stocking stuffers and some full on great gifts. First on our list is Insurgency Sandstorm. A multiplayer FPS with heart and soul, the game is set in modern times, using icon weapons and gadgets. With 2 distinct game types, coop and PvP there is more than enough content to keep someone busy well into next year. The Coop game-play is fun and tactical, while the PvP offers teeth gritting moment to moment game-play. The previous title, just named Insurgency sold well and was kept alive with more content than most studios put into some triple A games. That said Insurgency Sandstorm is out NOW Dec 12 on steam and later on consoles. Check below for the holiday details.

Game: Insurgency Sandstorm
Price: 29.99 (Currently as of writing on sale for 26.99)

Type: Shooter (FPS)
Platforms: (Steam only as of writing)

Check out our video version, with game-play.


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