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13 Dec

Today's game is SQUAD, a tactical FPS set in the modern era. Featuring giant maps, massive infantry combat mixed with vehicles and fortification mechanics, SQUAD offers true combat grit. SQUAD has a variety of games modes, map environments and weaponry. From Russians, Insurgents, U.S Infantry and British Infantry SQUAD has the feel of a Battlefield game with the style of something like ARMA. Fans of large scale PvP warfare will love the fortification mechanics allowing teams to build bases to act as re-spawns points, and roadblocks with emplacements. Overall SQUAD offers a more tactical, longer form combat than Insurgency. (Our first game on the game guide.) Lets us know in the comments if you like games like this.

Price: 39.99 

Type:  Large Scale Tactical Shooter (FPS)
Platforms: (Steam only as of writing)

Check out our video version, with game-play.

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