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26 Sep

Gameplay - 9

Postal Brain Damaged is a very unique game to say the least from the dark humor to the actual apparatus of the game. I enjoyed the variation of enemy types from their weapons to their creative design, you will find that they have different damage abilities as some use weapons, explosives, or brute force. The levels are comically enjoyable and you never expect what to play through. The fast pace gameplay is comparable to DOOM but overall the gameplay you will find to be very intriguing and addictive if you're into dark humor games such as Postal Brain Damaged.

Story Building - 8

Postal Brain Damaged has many levels to play through and many challenges ahead, the levels are based on the inside of the mind of the main character you play as, I see it as he is in a deep sleep and you are playing through his dreams which adds the uniqueness and many unexpected trials and tribulations you will go through while playing through Postal Brain Damaged. Each mission has special finds, an expected kill number, and posters that are around each level too find in order for you to reach 100 percent archival ratings. The progression does not just stop there either; you will find new enemies as you progress, some as comparable to more similar enemies and others new and more challenging. Postal Brain Damaged in general has very enjoyable missions and if you like getting straight into the action then Postal Brain Damaged is for you. Graphics-8I expect nothing graphically special when it comes to a game like Postal Brain Damaged because the attention should be focused on gameplay and making the player have an overall good time, with that being said though I found that some objects in the game had sharper textures then others, the more obvious objects had more attention to details then other for example doors and buildings and characters were textured better than food boxes and certain explosions as well as the terrain I believe the developers could have put a little bit more time or effort into those specifics. The graphics remind me of a more time-evolving pixelated game but nonetheless I have no major complaints in that department as Postal Brain Damaged runs smoothly and still looks better than most games in its category.


Weapons - 9

In postal Brain Damaged you will find a variation of weapons as you progress and each have a different purpose and use which include a pistol (auto locks on enemies if you aim), shotgun (has a grappling hook that is very important use), machine gun (a nail gun that has a high rate of fire and a clock on top of the rail that will be useful when taking on enemies), plasma gun ( if you charge the weapon it fires a brain that locks onto enemies and does a sufficient amount of damage), bow (fires dildos and does a very high amount of damage and has far range capabilities), grenade launcher (fires holy water grenades which are great for groups of enemies), Gatling gun (holds a lot of ammo and can get you out of a pinch). There are also perks you can pick up that each have different effects from health to flaming piss. Armor and health are also available all over each level. Overall-8.5Postal Brain Damaged is not normally a game I would go out of my way to get personally but if you are into games that have suggestive themes, dark humor, fast pace violence then this is perfect for you. I had a great time playing the game and the experience overall was quite enjoyable as I only found a few things that i did not agree with but they did not affect the fun I had while playing Postal Brain Damaged and if another was released in the future I would have no problem picking it up and spending time to play it.

Reviewer- Alex Vanaman Steam- Ember_Destiny

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