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12 Feb

Sound Design:5


Fear The Wolves is a battle royale game from  Vostock Games  and Focus Home Interactive, FTW is a stab at the growing BR market. The game itself isn't bad, it has some decent concepts and ideas but the execution is lacking. There seems to be disconnect from weapon punch, ambient sounds and just the overall production. Lets start with some of the good stuff first and then dive into some of the stuff taking away from the game.

The graphics are decent enough, the game really puts out a vibe similar to STALKER or Escape From Tarkov. The visuals are aided by Russian style weapons and a decent array of them at that. With plenty of houses and rooms to loot, the game does a good job of weapon placement and gear upgrading. There are a slew of other interesting ideas, like radiation zones that require hazmat gear, the roaming wolves for extra threat and to give away player positions and randomly expanding hazard zones. The game also allows dead players to vote on weather conditions, which in my case always ended up as fog.

Now the downside, the game just feels bare. There's a lack of ambient noise and effect due to the lower than normal player count. Encounters are what really does the game in however. The combat doesn't feel weighty, the guns lack punch and the the damage indicator leaves a lot to be desired. That is really is a huge component for a game to feel good. The player needs to understand they are taking damage and how it is affecting their character and that just isn't present here. The lack luster character creation and clothing is also a sore spot, leaving nothing super rewarding for winning or blowing your in-game cash on. Overall I don't hate this game, but I find it hard to enjoy with games like R.O.E, Fortnite and now Apex Legends.

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