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01 Nov

Outlet: NationFusion.com

Editor: Daley

Hello and thank you for taking time to do a second interview with us. My name is Daley and I am the Media Director at NationFusion.

Question 1: I wanted to start by saying congrats on a great year. Tell us from a design standpoint, what was the biggest goal you achieved during 2017 as a studio.

Question 2: Hideouts are and were a big milestone for the community, can you tell us a bit about the delay, and the progress on this element.


Question 3: As BSGs updates Tarkov more and more story elements seem to be coming into view. When or how do you guys plan adding major plot points and story missions.


Question 4: The open world aspect of the game is one that often comes up in conversation among players and press alike. Is Tarkov still planned on having an open environment or sandbox style game mode?

Question 5: Over the past several months Tarkov has seen many updates, some including weapons. Can you tell us how many weapons you are aiming to have in the game, as well as shed a little light on how these weapons come to be in the game.

Question 6: EFT has some amazing weapon animations, aside from the Dev Diary on animations on weapons, what other kinds of animations are you guys working on or planning to add. *IE: climbing, transitions ect ect*

Question 7: From a technical standpoint over the last year, what has been a challenge for the studio to work on. (Some problem or hurdle the team has or is working on solving.)

Question 8: Level design for Tarkov is something everyone talks about. From the tight spaces in the village of Shoreline, to the open areas in woods. Can you tell us some of the things that go into making a level both realistic, yet “game” friendly, such as the placement of cover or obstacles like the new additions to customs and woods. *Follow up: Are any other maps slated to be updated with new areas?*

Question 9: With the release of Interchange on its way, as well as a new trader what are some key highlights or changed these will add to the current game.

Question 10: The systems of EFT are there in light form, with skills, medical, inventory. What are some changes we can expect as we get closer and closer to the next patch.

Closer: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, please take a second and feel free to address the crowd, any updates or news you’d like to share about Escape From Tarkov.


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