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12 Dec

This year the gaming industry fought through COVID, next Gen releases and  welcomed a slew of new games. From fully done VR games to indie exclusives there were alot to pick from. I want to start this article though by addressing some of these bigger game studios who we all know will never read this but none the less it needs to be said.

Studios this year abused their customers, from changes in footboxes, unfinished games and the out right advantages taken by some of this studios is just crazy. Activision pushed one of the worst Call of Duties in recent memory. Cold War is this generations GHOSTs. Unpolished reused animations textures and some of the most boring gameplay ever written. Tie this into a rework of zombies that ditches the old voice actors with some new gameplay mechanics it just feels boring. Warzone on the other hand continues to kill it, doing free to play while selling cosmetic items and boxes as packs. There are bugs, console bricking bugs if I might add, mixed together with uninspired puzzles mechanics not fitting for a game of its type.

Next of the list is Facebooks handling of Oculus VR and its required account to play any of its games. Now this isn't anything new, you need accounts to play lots of things, like a Microsoft account to play Xbox or Playstation network to play there. I think the outrage here stems from this being a Facebook device and they really haven't earned that kind of gaming trust. There is also the fact your actions on Facebook as a social platform have an affect on your entire purchase  as Facebook and brick your headset for violations of the terms of service. 

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