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04 Sep

Gaming chairs often are seen as flashy or gimmic'y, things that aren't needed save for the well off and famous YouTuber status individuals. Well some of them yes, others are tired of the "Office" chair or uncomfortable seat they are in. EWIN Gaming Chairs contacted us and asked if we'd be interested in reviewing one of their chairs. They didn't pay for the promotion just asked for a simple exchange of service, check out the chair, write a review. So here I am, the chair arrived in a few pieces. I thought OK I'm gonna need tools and time, wrong. The box came with all I needed, the assembly was quick and easy yet I was surprised with the quality of the parts. Metal parts were strong and didn't bend, plastic parts felt weighty and not fragile in the least. Once I got everything together I ran into a problem I didn't think I'd ever face, you see once I had a gaming chair, a DX Racer I think. It was much to small, the legs felt cramped and just overall it felt like it was for a kid. The EWIN felt like it was made for a man in armor, large base bucket style groove. The chair in general felt great but the one I ordered was huge, my feet don't even touch the ground all the way which normally wouldn't be an issue but my desk is on the shorter side. EWIN offers a sizing chart on their site which i recommend you check out, they've offered a discount for NationFusion and Codec community members.

The chairs themselves come with a back and head pillow, each of which are adjustable via straps. The colors of the chair are nice and vibrant, I really was looking for the flaws that come with affordability since some of the chair range from the 180 dollar range (Which is considered cheap for chairs). We have a video coming with more information on the EWIN gaming chair but overall I like it, the design the price and the parts are whats important here. Just make sure when you are buying one that you choose the size right for you so you aren't banging your knees on the desk. I'd also like to say if we get enough traction here on this article we may do a give away for a chair so drop a comment if you'd like us to give away a chair.

Check out EWIN Gaming Chairs: HERE

Discount Code: nationfusion

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