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02 Oct

Troops Early Access Developed by-Amonga99 Published by-Amonga99der


Army Troops is a multiplayer shooter game that is set in the World War 2 era, the guns, maps, and character skins are all designed to fit in with the games play style and or setting. I noticed many problems or things I could see many other gamers not liking either that are into games similar to Army Troops, to start off the weapons were very blocky and did not seemed very detailed to my liking, the bullets seemed to be very blocky as well and every round you fired you could distinctly see which takes away some of that added realism that many gamers such as myself love, the movement was very floaty like as if my characters feet were not even touching the ground, the grenades were not very effective and the explosion from the hand grenades were not detailed very well, the maps were very small as well and I noticed that a lot of the fighting centers in one primary area of each map because the spawns are not distanced or coordinated in a good manner.

Maps Rating-5

The maps that i played on we're not the best and did not have a notable style to them, they were pretty straight forward overall and the graphical detail to the structures such as: sandbags, buildings, grass, and other small details could be touched up on for sure, I did however appreciate the straight forward design of the maps because it eliminated a lot of potential for campers that we all know and love. I think the maps after some improvement to spawn locations and detailed touch ups would benefit the overall feeling of the game and the intensity of the firefights.

Weapons Rating-3

The weapons that were in the game just did not have a good feeling to them, theone noticeable thing i caught onto very quickly was that the pistol seemed to firefaster then a semi-automatic rifle which is hard for me to understand because most
times i found myself running my secondary (pistol) more than my primary (carbine rifle), the grenades as i stated previously were not a good investment for getting kills because the explosion radius was not of good distance and the explosion lacked that little bit of extra detail.

Overall Rating-4.5

Army Troops overall is a pretty straight forward PvP shooter game set in the WW2era. The game needs quite a bit of work in my opinion and as of right now it is just sub-par for me to give it a high rating or really even a mediocre rating. I believe this game has a lot of potential but that potential has just not been achieved yet. You can buy the game on steam for $9.99 but I would give it time to be developed further. I gave Army Troops this rating because I believe it to be a credible rating in terms of where the game is at currently and I believe many others would agree.
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