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06 Dec

Well its that time of the year, we have a growing list of awesome products, games and more. Each entry below has been used or tried by the staff here at NationFusion. We will give you a brief overview of each item, where you can get it and the price comparison.

NoSweat Liner - Product / VR

First up is the NoSweat head/hat/visor liner. This product was sent to us for review for transparency. We sent some of them out to our law enforcement buddies for testing here in Florida. The others and what we originally got the product for was our VR headsets. Those of you with Quest's or PSVRs know that heat and sweat make the fun activity down right annoying. The headband will slip or you get that flaking and peeling of the headset. These liners from NoSweat stick onto the rim of the headset and help mitigate the heat, sweat and wear on the headset.

Currently they are running a 25% off Sale of the site HERE

Insurgency Sandstorm - PC/Xbox

Next up is a perfect game if you are looking for a FPS game with character. We've interviewed the Devs of Insurgency before, now with their newest game making its way to Xbox its open to a wider audience.  The game features interesting game modes, tons of weapons and attachments, coop play and more. There are some issues I have with the cosmetic store but its hardly anything against all the content you get with the game. Currently Insurgency is 29.99 on steam, 39.99 on Xbox. With all modes and features of the game its a good price and worth a pick-up.

Check out Insurgency Here

Xbox Wireless Adapter

The Xbox wireless adapter is a perfect gift for gamers looking to play PC and Xbox. We all know there are games that just feel better on a controller. Racing games, Halo, Gears of War, some games are just better suited for a controller. This little thing plugs into a PC or Laptop and instantly makes your controller connect. Recently I've been playing Chivalry 2 on PC with a controller and this makes it super easy. You can pick one up from Gamestop HERE.

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