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27 Aug

Thank you so much to Paul, the writer and designer for Ghost of a Tale for providing me with a review key!

Ghost of a Tale is quite unlike any Action RPG Stealth title I've played before. Set in a medieval time, you play as a little minstrel mouse named Tilo. He's set out on dangerous journey to find... well... you know me well enough by now to know that I won't give you any spoilers! However, I will say that this is a title you should absolutely NOT skip!  On average, this game takes about 10 to 12 hours of solid playtime to finish, if you really want to do things right! If you're a completionist, I'd say about 30 hours. 

 I had such a fun time with this game, and everything about it managed to capture my attention. From every piece of land seemingly hand crafted, to the fine details of Tilo himself, this indie ARPG deserves and earns its praise. 

Ghost of a Tale heavily relies and enforces a non-violent setting for you, as the player. Instead of running around with a sword and shield and killing your enemies, you're forced to find a way to either subdue or (respectively) avoid your enemies. It is rated "E" after all! Encounters are undeniably inevitable at times. You'll find yourself faced with being chased by a couple of rats, or other enemies that can easily overwhelm you. But use your stealth instincts! Take yourself back to the days of Metal Gear Solid, and hide inside of a box! 

This being an RPG, you're presented with different options as you explore, to equip yourself with better items to help you through your journey. Pay attention, as many of these items will be extremely helpful in just about every situation you find yourself in! Do your side quests, talk to everyone, and stay out of sight!

You'll find throughout your journey that there are some very interesting and cool characters that have been expertly crafted and written by the former DreamWorks and Universal Pictures designers. Many of these characters left me wanting to know more about them, and having been able to spend only very little time with them, it felt heartbreaking to know that that would be the last time I'd probably see them.

The technical aspects of this game are quite nice. At worst, the camera tends to get stuck from time to time, and can be a little frustrating. However, the game is a beautiful work of art, and runs extremely well on the PlayStation 4 Console. (Note--I did not play this on a PlayStation 4 Pro. I am not able to compare the difference.)

Being a completionist myself, I fully intend on going back and finishing things that I'd either started and left behind, or skipped altogether. I feel like there's really much more to explore in this title, and it needs to be uncovered. I would love to see more from this awesome indie developer, and perhaps a "Ghost of a Tale 2" may be in the works one day. There aren't many games that have been developed that have this kind of love and heart and soul poured into it. Everything from the graphics, to the controls, to the characters, the expertly written dialogue, down to the details into the cracks in a wall is just about perfect. 

Hide little guy!

As such, I will say that this is my favorite indie game this year, and for the reasons listed above -- I give "Ghost of a Tale" a 9.5/10, and I completely recommend that you purchase this game after reading this. Tilo is waiting for you, and I'm waiting to hear what you think about the game! I hope you all enjoy this title as much as I did!

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