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25 Dec

Hello and welcome! 2021 was quite a year, I felt this year had plenty of opportunity but lacked in delivery. There was as always standouts, here at NationFusion we love to honor those devs and studios that really put effort into their games. Below are the 2021 NationFusion Game Awards...Enjoy.  

Best Driving Game

This was an easy one for me. A clear step in the right direction for the original SpinTires game. Snow Runner offers different environments, mud, snow, mountains and more. With customizable trucks and multiplayer modes Snow Runner is a relaxing and fulfilling game loop. We are very happy to award Focus Interactive and Saber Entertainment The Best Driving Game of 2021. Check out Snow Runner on Epic Games Store HERE

Best Horror Game

Ok its not secret that RE Village wasn't my favorite RE game, however for the year of 2021 Village stands out. The Horror game offered a unique blend of action, horror and story telling. The game features replayability, different game modes and more. The crew over at Capcom have done well making RE live up to the franchise that it once was, RE 7 and 8 are steps in the right direction and is best in class for Horror in 2021. Check out RE Village HERE.

Best Indie Game

Chernobylite shows what happens when quality meets indie ideas. With a great blend of action, horror, crafting and more, this game has the right blend. For me this game seems to be flying a bit under the radar as is the case with Farm 51 Games, not sure if there's more they could do but I recommend you check out this awesome title ASAP. You can visit their site and check out the game HERE.

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